“NONOTO is our first solid wood chair. The fascination of this great project: designing a solid wood chair is design at its very best. When it comes to a solid wood chair, it’s the shape that really enchants the viewer; with technical factors playing a somewhat lesser role. Mother Nature provides the materials – everything else is down to the designer. A number of solid wood chairs have become modern design icons – particularly the ones from Denmark and Finland. NONOTO is styled in the tradition of classic wooden chairs. This concept ties together everything we’ve learned about designing chairs over the past 15 years: NONOTO is a sculpture.

It’s emblematic from all angles and engages the viewer emotionally. At the same time, NONOTO is a real chair. It cries out to be sat on with its perfectly balanced strength, weight and ultimate seating comfort. NONOTO has an unplugged design that is brought to life using cutting-edge CNC technology.” Julia Läufer + Marcus Keichel