The V3 kitchen introduces the next step in our legacy of metalwork and brings a distinct character to Vipp’s familiar modular design. The freestanding modules are wrapped in naturally anodized aluminium – with vertically extruded profiles curving around the edges to bring a light elegance to the metallic appearance. A Vipp kitchen is a modular concept. The V3 kitchen is available in three different modules: island, wall, and tall module.s. 

“I think we have managed to create a unique kitchen that feels like a sculptural piece on its own”

– Kasper Egelund, CEO, and 3rd generation Vipp-owner.

With Vipp’s legacy of metalwork revolving mainly around steel, the V3 introduces a fresh take with its light, aluminium-first appearance. Inspired by the material’s use in Vipp’s Chimney House and Shelter guesthouses, the elegant aluminium siding and rounded edges offer a unique aesthetic, while the underlying design language and stainless-steel countertop draw clear lines to the brand’s heritage.

The section insert for larger drawers offers a storage solution for tall and heavy objects. A non-slip removable mat ensures that kitchen tools remain in place when opening and closing the drawer. The bottom drawer holds up to 50 kg / 110 lbs

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