Alki has been dedicated to the manufacture of furniture for three decades. Moreover, Alki is an original business.

In 1982 a group of people sharing a strong desire to work and live in the Basque Country created Alki around Biarritz.

Years of work have allowed Alki to acquire invaluable experience and a footprint of ancestral know-how, tradition and culture. Faithful to its values, Alki seeks its own vocabulary and creates contemporary furniture, open to a world to creation.

In 2005, a first partnership with Jean-Louis Iratzoki led successfully to the Emea collection that enjoyed great recognition. In 2009, the new collections received various international awards and acclaim in the press.

As a cooperative, Alki is as strongly committed to the people who compose it as it is towards its environment. In a modern and participatory project, clients, architects and designers occupy a prominent place.

Thanks to local production, Alki creates authentic, high-quality, beautifully finished work. The company uses traditional craftsmanship to design resolutely contemporary collections. Due to its environmental commitment, the company regularly modernizes its plants, and prioritizes the use of natural and ecological materials.