Arne Jacobsen


With a career combining controversy and artistic genius, Arne Jacobsen created his own movement, combining modernist ideals and love for Nordic naturalism.

Born in Copenhagen in 1902, Jacobsen studied at the Royal Academy of Arts in his home country, gaining future inspiration from the greatest architects and designers of the period. Despite opposition to the avant-garde and eccentric principles of Jacobsen’s architecture, the artist is known for his interior design, furniture, textiles and porcelain; and worshipped for his clear style and the successful combination of design and functionality. There is no better indicator of the fact that the Dane’s work acquired the status of “classic” during his lifetime, than that some of his pieces were even used in films, notably in “2001 A Space Odyssey “by Stanley Kubrick.

The use of dynamic curves in a minimalist design is the peculiarity of Arne Jacobsen’s design that has earned him numerous awards, including the International Design Award in 1968 awarded by the American Institute of Interior Designers and the ID Prix in 1967 awarded by the Danish Society of Industrial Design and the Milan Triennial XI in 1957 in Italy.